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​Eye Drops And Contact Lenses
Aug 27th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Eye Drops And Contact Lenses

There are varieties of eye drops. Many types are used by contact lens wearers; however some are not to be used by contact lens wearers. Always consult a doctor before using any type of contact lens. Use the eye drops according to the instructions given by your doctor. Remove your contact lens before applying eye drops in your eyes. Wait for at least fifteen minutes before putting your contact lens back.

There are specific guidelines before using over-the-counter drops. They are:

Always know what you are buying. Most eye drops fall in any one of the four categories – drops for allergies, drop for redness, dry eyes drops and contact lens rewetting drops. Vascoconstrictors are present in red eye reducing drops. They work by reducing the blood vessels of the eye and make the eyes look whiter. But they may not be good for contact lens wearers as it can cloud the lens and cause deposits on the lens. After some time, it makes the eyes red.

Most eye drops are prescription medicines. They are very helpful for contact lens wearers suffering from allergies; however they do not suit sometimes. It is advisable to use eye drops, wait for fifteen minutes and then put on contact lenses. Always use contact lenses in which the word ‘contacts’ is labeled. They provide comfortable wearing experience. It can be used frequently as most of the doctors recommend it for the best comfort.

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