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​Eye Care During Cold Weather
Aug 30th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Eye Care During Cold Weather

Preventing your eyes during winter from the dry heat and bright snow is very important. As you change your dresses during winter to adapt yourself to the cold, you must care for your eyes too.

Dealing with dry heat

Air from car ventilation system and indoor heat dries our eyes as it does to our skin. The best way is to use a humidifier in these circumstances. If dry heat is causing a contact lens wearer to feel uncomfortable, he or she can use rewetting drops. This can keep the eyes away from getting dry very easily. Make sure that the rewetting drop is made as per the requirement for contact lens wear. Switching to specific lens created for dry eyes may alleviate the problem.

Reflective UV and eye care

During summer the Sun is hotter, but it is more dangerous in winter as the winter snow reflects harmful rays. The best defense for UV rays is Sunglasses. All the sunglasses do not protect us from UV rays. This is why it is important to check whether it blocks 100 percent UV.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 45 percent of UV rays still reaches our eyes even if we wear sunglasses from the bottom, sides and top. This is known as Peripheral Light Focusing Effect. As UV rays are harmful and to escape from this effect, many people wear contact lenses along with sunglasses as an added layer of protection. These specially designed contact lenses are able to block nearly 69 percent of UVA rays and 96 percent of UVB rays.

Ice skating, skiing and other snow related games are common in winter. One must always be very careful in protecting the eyes. The debris can also be harmful. Talk to your doctor of the sports you get involved in and get suitable suggestions. Wearing contact lens during winter can help our eyes from getting distortion, offers more stability and wide peripheral vision. Always be ready to deal with winter related problems and protect your eyes. 

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