Electrolysis Treatment of Trichiasis by Using Ultra-Fine Needle - A Study

Posted by Accuspire on Jul 11th 2018

Trichiasis or in-grown eye lashes as it is commonly known is a painful or at least annoying condition in patients. Treating Trichiasis by pulling in grown eye lashes with forceps is a common practice which is effective but does not have permanent effect. Treating Trichiasis with electrolysis is emerging as a more promising permanent solution which involved destroying hair follicle by application of direct current. 

Here is a study on Trichiasis treatment with electrolysis using ultrafine needle that reviews 24 cases who had trichiasis and were treated with electrolysis using a ultra fine needle. 66% of the patients had satisfactory results which meant they did not had recurrence for 6 months. 

Study concluded that treating Trichiasis with electrolysis is a safe and effective method with many advantages over traditional method. 

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