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Dec 20th 2023 Posted by Accuspire

Effects Of Visual Stress On Kids And Adults

Visual stress is not seen as a serious issue by most people. One, who is suffering from visual stress, must be always cautious that prolonged visual stress can actually make the eyes worse and can lead to serious eye conditions. Visual stress is also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.

Visual stress is said to be discovered somewhere between 1980s by two individuals. However, they both did not work in collaboration. The first one is Olive Meares from New Zealand, who is a teacher and the second one is Helen Irlen, who is a psychologist from US.

Because of visual stress, there is difficulty in reading as the image appears distorted. One of the major impacts is on kids as it does not let them read properly. Reading a long paragraph or a passage becomes impossible to them, because they appear blurred. In course of time they try to avoid it, which in turn creates a he negative impact on their career. They also dislike reading the most.


The symptoms are similar in both children and adults. The letters as well s the numbers do not look in regular and in correct shape. The shades also look darker than they actually are and the letters printed seem as they are moving. The lines on a page look like as if they are curved or in a wave like formation. Colors which are really not present are seen.

This is also accompanied with headache and there is also pain surrounding the eyes. At first, the patients are not aware that their eyes are not normal. Some o the behavioral indications seen in children are: they tend to change the distance from books. They also use their fingers as markers and use it to read. They also rub their eyes excessively and blink frequently. They are also not able to read with normal pace.

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