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​Ectropion And Watery Eyes

Posted by Accuspire on Sep 22nd 2022

It is a common phenomenon for eyes to water at certain conditions. Some of the examples are during windy conditions and during cutting onions. But if the eyes are watering for no reasons at all, it may be because of various causes. Some are easy to fix but others may require a surgery.

Ectropion is nothing but the outward turning of eyelids. It is a condition in which the eyes turn out partially or completely. The lower eyelids strike the other parts of the skin and are also irritating. Because of this condition, the eye globe as well as the inner eyelids is exposed to air, causing the eyes to get dry. When it gets dried out, tears are produced in the eyes.

Causes of ectropion:

There are many causes for this condition like problems in surrounding tissues and muscles of the eyelid. Surgery is also known to cause this condition, like entropion surgery, cosmetic surgeries and radiation therapy. Entropia is nothing but the inward turning of the eyelids. Congenital disorder is also one of the causes like Down syndrome. Ectropia can also occur after a weight loss surgery. Any kind of abnormal growth on the eyelids can also cause this condition. Facial paralysis can also cause the lids to droop. Trauma as well scarring on the eyelids can also cause ectropia.

Epiphora is the excessive overflow of tears in the eyes. It is because of two reasons. When your eyes are dried out, the tears try to compensate it and the other reason is when the puncta is not functioning properly.

If ectropia is left untreated, it can cause serious problems which includes corneal ulcer, corneal abrasion etc. it can also lead to vision loss permanently. It is important to consult your doctor immediately if you have this condition and to get treatment at the right time.

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