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​Disposable Knife and Diamond Knife - An Analysis
Oct 6th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Disposable Knife and Diamond Knife - An Analysis

It becomes very important for surgeons to decide about the knives that can be used during surgery. They usually decide the type and design of the knives that should be used for the patients with their managers. They may either use disposable blades or diamond blades for their cataract patients.

Diamond Blade Usage:

Diamond knife is of high quality. It is engineered carefully for its precision. The knife remains highly durable if handled properly. It can be used repeatedly and easily sterilized. It comes in various shapes and is very sharp hence effective. The use of diamond knife is very effective as it can be reused.

Disposable Blade Usage:

Though it is of single usage, it is safe from sterilization problems. It helps in reducing the danger of cross-infection due to the contact with the elements. The package helps in maintaining a well protected and sterile environment. There is no maintenance problem as the repair cost is ignored.

The superior among the two:

Both blade types have its benefits. The initial investment for the diamond blade is high but it is larger with huge volume and hence able to deal effectively. But for the surgeons who are beginners, the disposable blade is good. On the other hand, disposable knives are economical. So the knives can be often changed for various shapes.

It is good to let the decision in the hands of the surgeons as to use the blade according to their convenience and need.

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