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​Digital Eye Strain and its Causes
Dec 20th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Digital Eye Strain and its Causes

We can say that digital devices are ruling people. It is very rare to find out people who are without using any of the digital devices. Though people are aware of some of the problems that are caused due to digital usage, they don’t follow the rules properly. Prolonged exposure to screens cause much strain. This is the major problems of people all over the world.

Some of the symptoms due to strain are headache, dry eye, and blur vision along with shoulder and neck pain. The strain is caused due to less blinking action. The number of blinks per minute at an average rate is 18 times. Most of the times the digital users fail to do so. Less the amount of blink, more is the strain. This leads to acute dryness and irritating eye syndrome. The posture of the users also causes problems. Also exposure to the harmful radiation also causes retinal damage.

People whose jobs are related to computers are prone to digital eye strain. The tear duct highly influences the dryness. Age factor also reciprocates with eye strain. But digital eye strain syndrome is highly witnessed in young people.

Digital eye strain can be easily avoided if some of the precautionary steps are followed. The digital users should remember the blinking tactics and have appropriate blinks so as to prevent eye strain. A regular break for every 20 minutes serves the purpose well. Stay away from the digital devices for at least 20 seconds at a distance of about 20 feet. Eye wears can also protect the eyes by reducing the glare and other harmful light penetration. Adjust the seating arrangements to suit the comfortable posture. Apt light also keeps away eye strain. Following the important tips helps the digital users to use the digital devices comfortable in a safe manner. 

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