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Different Types Of Cataract Surgery

Posted by Accuspire on May 19th 2023

For a cataract surgery, the technique employed by a surgeon depends on many factors. They eye health plays an important role along with the experience of the surgeon and the instrument used.

In many developed countries, the most widely done cataract procedure is phacoemulsification cataract surgery. It only requires small incision and there are no stitches made at the end. Hand held instruments are used to operate the eyes and the cataract is broken by ultrasonic energy. The surgeon carefully attaches the IOL lens.

There is another type called as laser assisted cataract surgery. It is the modern way when compared to the standard procedure. A number of steps are employed in a laser cataract surgery and instead of using a hand held instrument, it is done with computer controlled precision high speed laser.

It is done in a step by step manner such as making an incision in eye, making an opening in anterior capsule for doing cataract and finally fragmenting the cloudy lens.

If cataract is left untreated, it can cause total blindness. Consult a doctor if there are any symptoms of cataract or if you feel clouding in your eyes. Timely consultation is must.

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