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Aug 30th 2023 Posted by Accuspire

Difference Between Daily Wear And Overnight Wear For Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology or ortho-k is a process done to shape cornea. They help to improve vision without the need of contact lenses or eyeglasses. In this process, the lens is shaped with the help of programmed application, which in turn reshapes corneal surface. This also reduces the need to correct myopia for a temporary period of time. Ortho-k lenses are worn during day or night time.

Daily wear:

Daily wear lenses include glass permeable plastic lens and PMMA lens. They are categorized from low to medium permeability and are more popular in the past. As it has poor physiologic effects, they are restricted to use only during daytime. They are not as good as ortho-k lens because of the materials used in it which is not safe to wear during night time. Ortho-k lenses are thicker and larger and also employ conventional lens design. They fit flat and reduce height of central cornea. Sometimes this treatment may go worse if it is not done by an expert, as they can position the lens in a wrong way. It can also lead to corneal distortion.

These lenses are worn only during day time and so they are not comfortable as the night wearing lens. The vision correction process also takes a long time unlike conventional lenses. These lenses are also costly when compared to other lenses and the treatment procedure is also long and it can take more than a year.

Overnight wear:

Technology has improved so much that new inventions are made day by day. The result of growing technology is the invention of night time wearing lenses. They are made of high permeability materials, which are used to shape cornea. They are worn during night time and provide more comfort compared to day time wearing lenses. It is also preferred by most patients who are suffering from vision problems. They are very helpful for children, especially during night time. Children play in school during day time and parents cannot monitor them. But when they wear these lenses in home, they are easily monitored by their parents. In case, if they need any help to remove them, parents are there to help them during night time.

Some of the other benefits of this lens are capability to adapt faster than other lenses. They are also convenient to use and also comes in various options. They help in better reduction of myopia and are also accurate. In fact, they reduce myopia faster than day time wearing lenses. They are also cheaper than daytime wearing lenses. 

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