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​Diagnosis And Treatment For Color Blindness
Jun 26th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Diagnosis And Treatment For Color Blindness

Some simple test done in a doctors lab can help to determine whether a person is suffering from color blindness or not. A pattern is made of multi colored dots and when a person is unable to see the number in it, he is suffering from color blindness for sure. Congenital color blindness has no treatment at all and it does not cause any disability.

Some special contact lenses and color correcting glasses are available nowadays to help a person suffering from color blindness. Ishihara color plate is also one of the methods to detect whether a person is having color blindness and it is a very reliable test. This is also the same as we looked before and it consists of number embedded in colors. This is also done as a classroom activity for school kids. If a person is tested positive, there is nothing to worry about color blindness as it does not affect the vision and is not a very serious condition.

Color blindness condition is of two types. The first one is inherited and the second one is congenital. This condition is common in males when compared to females. People suffering from green/red color blindness see both the colors in a brownish tone. The blue/yellow color blindness is rare.

The other condition is caused because of an eye disease or any other condition. When a person’s optic nerve or retina is damaged, he may have this type of color blindness. White spots in vision and sometimes vision loss are associated with this condition. 

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