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Contact Lenses Especially For Keratoconus

Posted by Accuspire on Nov 2nd 2023

Keratoconus is a condition associated with thinning of cornea. Cornea is the front portion of eye and when a person is suffering from this condition, the cornea becomes non-symmetrical and cone shaped. Because of this altering corneal shape, the light entering our eyes will not disperse in a regular pattern. Eye glasses are used to have some relief from this condition but it cannot correct the vision completely.

Nowadays contact lenses are used instead of eyeglasses to ease keratoconus. It is to be noted that not all contact lenses can correct keratoconus. Only specific type of contact lenses are used for this purpose and it needs professional advice from Ophthalmologist regarding the lens type. One of the best examples is soft lenses. When you wear them, they will simply get themselves adapted to the irregular shape of cornea because of their softness and will not improve vision.

Specially designed glass permeable contact lenses are used to address keratoconus. Still you need to have some words with the doctor as each and every eye type is different. These lenses are also fitted only by an experienced optometrist who is specialized in keratoconus lens fitting.

Some of the lens types are:

  • Specially designed glass permeable lenses – These lenses have an interior curve that vaults a protruding corneal area. Depending on the condition, there are varieties of cone designs. Some of them are PGA, CLC and Rosek.
  • Semi-Scleral contact lenses – They are exactly the same as soft contact lenses and are made of hyper oxygen permeable materials. They are comfortable to use and extend up to the white part of eyes. They also provide clear and superior vision.
  • Large diameter gas permeable lenses - They have large diameter and the lenses are intralimbal which provide comfort and better vision. They are used for cone types which are larger in size.
  • Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses – soft contact lenses are preferred by some people because they provide wearing comfort, and this type comes for their help. A soft lens skirt is attached on the outside of the lens. They are also glass permeable type.
  • Wave custom designed contact lenses – They are topography based designed lenses. To make this lens, the corneal map of patient’s cornea is loaded on the CAD lens making software and is used to design the contact lens. They are specifically made to address keratoconus.
  • Piggyback contact lens system – These lenses are first placed on the eyes. After that specially designed contact lens are placed on the soft lens. They provide good vision and comfort.

Consult your doctor to know more about these lenses. Always note that buying contact lenses from unauthorized online websites may harm your eyes. They are not made from high quality eye -friendly products and can severely damage the eyes.

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