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​Contact Lens Related Eye Infections And Ways To Manage Lens
Jun 26th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Contact Lens Related Eye Infections And Ways To Manage Lens

Millions of people are using contact lenses daily but there is a possibility of getting eye infection because of contact lenses. Keratitis the most common among them and it occurs when the cornea gets infected. In some case it affects the vision by forming a scar on the cornea. If the cornea is damaged severely, corneal transplant is done to restore vision again.

Contact lens related infection can be caused by number of things. Some of them are sleeping with contact lenses on eyes, extended usage of contact lenses, built up of microbes on the lens, herpes virus, bacteria, fungi, not keeping the lenses on a clean case and using unclean lens solution.

Some of the symptoms of contact lens related infection are eye redness, blurry vision, eye pain, discharge from eyes or tearing, sensitivity to light, foreign particle sensation in eyes. Severe contact lens related infection can cause vision loss and so it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Steps to follow while using contact lenses:

Always rub the lenses when you are cleaning them. Use clean hands and place the lens in your palm along with some solution. The protein and bacteria which are present on the lens gets loosened when the lens is rubbed. Rinse your lens in the solution provided with your lens. Always store your lens in the solution. Replace your lens at least two times a year. Always follow the advice given by your doctor when you are using contact lenses and do not overuse the contact lenses.

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