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​Contact Lens And Dry Eyes
Jan 18th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Contact Lens And Dry Eyes

It is estimated that about 140 million people in the world wear contact lenses. When the figures pertain to United States, its share is 35 million people, according to a global report. We may question what is the connection between contact lenses and dry eyes? Well, let us have an analysis.

It is to be noted that the lenses are not the direct cause for creating dry eyes, but it aggravates the dry eyes problem. If you have itchiness or irritation, the contact lens just intensifies the problem. It becomes inevitable to know how to control the pain and suffering caused by the added effect of contact lens and dry eyes.

Combination of the symptoms

Visiting an eye care professional is a must for this type of problem. When you consult a doctor, he will be able to rectify the problem of your eyes whether the dry eyes problem is caused because of your contact lenses or not. If your contact lens is the culprit, change the brand and switch to eye care products.

The Artificial Tears is one of the alternative method with which you can lessen the problem of dry eyes to an extent. But prolonged and regular usage might affect the natural tear producing ability and in some cases it also swipes away the film, which acts as a natural barrier preventing the eyes from gems.


First be proactive. Diagnose your dry eyes problem before wearing a contact lens. Perform a complete dry eye work up. It includes:

  • Sodium fluorescein staining of the cornea and conjunctiva
  • Tear film break up testing
  • Tear meniscus height evaluation

The Bruders moist heat compress can provide instant relief. Created with MediBeads moist heat technology, it helps in reducing irritation and pain. Microwave the brooders heat compress for 20 seconds and get relief for next 15 minutes. Do not forget to remove the contact lenses prior to using the compress.

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