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​Conjunctivitis and Its Types
Jun 29th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Conjunctivitis and Its Types

Conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva gets irritated by an allergy or infection and this condition is also known as Pink eye. Sometimes there is a sticky charge from eyes and also there is swelling and redness in eyes. One or both the eyes may get affected because of conjunctivitis. This condition is contagious and can spread from one person to another.

Types of Conjunctivitis

There are three main types of conjunctivitis. They are bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. Bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria and is very contagious. It causes red eyes, sore eyes and sticky pus discharge. However some bacteria information do not cause any discharge. The bacteria responsible for causing strep throat are the same bacteria which causes bacterial conjunctivitis. Viral conjunctivitis is the most common type and often spreads through any crowded place. It causes burning sensation in eyes with watery discharge. This is caused by the same virus which causes running nose and sore throat. Allergic conjunctivitis is caused because of an allergic reaction. Though it is not contagious, it causes itchiness and puffy eyelids. This condition is caused because of an allergic reaction to animals or pollen and also from car exhaust fumes, chlorine in water and cigarette smoke. Itchy eyes are the main symptoms.

Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are caused by direct contact with the infected person, usually hand to eye contact. Sometimes unclean contact lenses can also cause this problem. Children are more prone to bacterial and viral conjunctivitis because mostly they don't follow good hygienic practices.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

Some of the symptoms of pink eyes are painful eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, Puffy eyes, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, discharge from eyes and gritty sensation in eyes.

Conjunctivitis Treatment:

There is no treatment for viral conjunctivitis in specific and it goes on its own as our immune system fights back. One can also place a wet cloth over the eyes to feel comfortable. Antibiotic eye drops are used to ease bacterial conjunctivitis but this eye drops cannot treat the other two types. There are certain eye drops available specifically for allergic conjunctivitis to reduce itchiness and puffiness.

It is very important to stop conjunctivitis from spreading. One must always use clean towel to wipe his face. The affected person must wash his hands frequently and should not sneeze in the open. Do not touch the eyes with your hands and do not wear any makeup. Always wear clean contact lenses.

If you think that this condition lasts longer than two weeks, consult your doctor immediately.

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