​Buying Surgical Instruments Online? Check Top 5 things to protect yourself

Mar 19th 2017

a. Check for the SSL compliance Seal - that’s generally at bottom of the page. Click here to see example. This ensures that all the information you will provide is sent over encrypted connection.

b. Good Companies are BBB registered and A+ rated – Don’t forget to check their alternate business names as website name and owner could be different

c. Easy Return Policy – Good companies with good products will offer flexible 30 days return policy some may even pay for return shipping

d. US Based Seller and Shipper – This is important from legal and liability perspective especially if you are buying online. If they don’t have a US based address don’t buy and risk your license

e. FDA Registered – Ensure that all the manufacturer of these products is FDA registered especially if you are buying online as this could put you in hot water if product causes an incident. Generally about us page of most sellers would have this information.

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