​Brush Away Chronic Dry Eye Disease

​Brush Away Chronic Dry Eye Disease

Posted by Accuspire on Jan 15th 2019

Dry eyes disease is one of the most common problems which affect many people in U.S and across the world. The eyes start drying when tears fail to supply required amount of moisture to the eyes.

There are two main conditions for this:

  • Excessive evaporation
  • Aqueous tear deficiency

Excessive evaporation occurs when the evaporation of tears is faster than the normal rate. Aqueous tear deficiency is a condition in which enough tears are not produced by the eyes. Dry spots are visible when edges of the eyes are not protected.

Symptoms of chronic dry eye

Dry eye problem must not be taken lightly and most people ignore paying attention to it considering it as a mild allergy. In some cases it may be a dry eye syndrome as the dry eyes might be from other reason, so it is not recommended to take at ease. Ignoring to share the dry eyes problem with your ophthalmologist, might turn a simple problem to a severe and chronic one.

Some of the symptoms associated with dry eyes are:

  • Your eye seems exhausted and tired
  • The night vision deteriorates
  • The eyes are watery always
  • Sticky and thick mucus appears around your eyes
  • You may constantly feel that there’s something in your eye
  • Your vision turns blur
  • Itching, burning and painful sensations in your eyes
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Your eyes become sensitive to the lights

Consulting your doctor is recommended even if the symptoms are not severe. In the initial stage it can be managed with the help of home remedies.

Cure and treatment

Bruders moist heat therapy is a simple solution to ease your treatment for dry eyes. The patented medi-beads technology used in Bruders heat compress helps to soothe your pain and suffering.

Microwave it for 20 seconds, it is designed in a such a way to trap water molecules from the air. The mask or the compress releases the water molecules and provides soothing relief to your eyes and brooms away the discomfort from your eyes.