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Body Markers - An Ideal Solution to Marking with Precision
Feb 21st 2023 Posted by Accuspire

Body Markers - An Ideal Solution to Marking with Precision

Body marker pens are the ideal solution to applying ink directly to the skin so that the surgery is completed with precision. These markers are similar to the felt-tipped pen where the ink travels from the internal reservoir as skin surface is brushed with the tip. The body markers are usually offered with a ruler in sterile packaging.

Are you aware of the uses of body markers? In varied clinical settings or prior to the surgery, marking the skin of the patient is vital for various reasons like ensuring surgery at the correct site, marking the internal body structural feature identified during ultrasound imaging, targetting non-intrusive cure, planning a surgical approach, ensuring natural readjustment of skin covers while closing the wound, and more.

It is recommended and adviced by the National Patient Safety Agency and other healthcare bodies that the mark of the body marker must be observable, post the normal perioperative skin preparation of the surgery site and even after the application of operation theatre drapes. For such reason, the body marker must be an indelible pen that is permanent and will not be erased while preparing the patient for the surgery.

Sterility of the body markers is vital, prior to the use of the instrument for surgical site marking. It is important because the markers verified after the medical use have been recognized as disease or virus transmitting object. The body markers are usually for single use and the sterile markers are recommended for close marking to the incision site.

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