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Best ​Way To Slow Down Myopia
Oct 10th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Best ​Way To Slow Down Myopia

A recent study has predicted that half of the global population will suffer from myopia by 2050. Myopia is a growing problem and is also known as nearsightedness or farsightedness. Usually it begins in childhood. The eyeball grows too long which causes blurry vision. There are various causes for this condition. It may be genetic or lifestyle. Mostly it develops during childhood as our eyes continue to grow. In course of time it may get worse. There are some ways to manage myopia.

As per some studies, increase in myopia in children is associated with their lifestyle. Electronic gadgets have become popular nowadays and are ruling the world. More and more electronic gadgets are introduced day by day. Children have left playing outside on playgrounds and have restricted themselves to these electronic gadgets. It may be worse to say our children not to use these gadgets at all. But we can limit the usage to an extent.

Nowadays kids spend a lot of time indoors and in classrooms. They must be sent outdoors. Spending time outdoors and myopia are closely related. The light levels are one of the reasons as kids spend more than three hours in digital devices. Some studies have revealed that there is a 34% decrease in myopia when kids are sent to play outside. This is because sunlight provides Vitamin D which is good for our eye vision. It also doesn’t strain our eyes for near vision.

Contact lenses and regular glasses can help us to see clearly. But they do not slow myopia progression. However, soft lenses - a certain type of lens can help slow down myopia progression. Multifocal contact lens can also slow the progression.

The myopia must be controlled at a very young age in children and as it grows further, the dependency on glasses increase. It can lead to eye problems in future. Myopia also slows down the tendency in children to participate in outdoor activities.

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