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Barraquer Speculum – Perfect And Precise Surgery
Jan 1st 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Barraquer Speculum – Perfect And Precise Surgery

To have a keen visualization and to access the precise site of surgery, Barraquer speculum is a must have tool. Widely used in ophthalmic procedures, it is used to hold open the eyes for examination.

Barraquer eye speculum is a flexible and light weight instrument which does not exert much pressure on the globe during a surgery. The pressure of the tool can be increased to a certain extent using the wire in Barraquer wire speculum.

There are different kinds of speculum for different age group people ranging from children to adults, in different specifications. The Barraquer speculum comes in two variants – the wire type and the lid type. When the required pressure is not offered by the wire type speculum, a screw mechanised apparatus is used.

The speculum is made up of high grade stainless steel. The pediatric speculum, which is used to treat children, comes with self- retentive retractors equipped with solid blades. The tip may be blunt, smooth or looped and is reusable and the surface style can be straight or blunt.

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