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​Astonishing Ophthalmic Tonometer Designs
Sep 14th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Astonishing Ophthalmic Tonometer Designs

It is necessary to choose the appropriate instrument while determining the speed, accuracy and performance during IOP screening tests. So the doctors carefully select the required instrument. These days the cutting-edge designs have occupied a major position in the market. These are available with high-tech qualities like increased accuracy, light-weight and easy hence user friendly.

The doctors who are highly busy require equipments that work in high speed. This saves their precious time. It should work for accuracy and easy to use.

The new tonometer uses gravity offset technology for calibration which gives away exact IOP measurements. This method reduces time consumption and produces great results. The new micro-strain gauge technology has united with algorithm to give effective results. As far as the use of tonometer is considered, simplicity remains a vital factor. So it is important that an appropriate instrument should be purchased. This enables in easy cornea visualisation. It emits exact IOP measurements.

The speciality is that it fits and hand irresponsible of whether the person is a right hand user or a left hand user. This saves time and money. The measurements are so fast and it is quite effective too. The latest tonometer weighs only three ounces. In order to enhances secured transport it well packed with proper protection and hence enables safe transportation.

It is capable of storing a minimum of nine readings simultaneously. An inbuilt IOP correction calculator is also present with which the IOP can be adjusted according to the thickness of the cornea. This has become a boon for Ophthalmologists who wish to save time and increase profit. 

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