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​Application of 3D Printing in Ophthalmology

Posted by Accuspire on Jul 26th 2019

3D printing is nothing but creating a three dimensional physical object from a digital file. This technology is generally used in prototyping.

3D printing is widely used in medical industry. This technology is useful by experienced researchers to produce equipments needed for various treatments. They are also used to produce artificial tissues and organs. It can also utilize patient’s cells to create transplant tissues and to print intraocular lens. This can also lessen a patient’s budget from not relying on costly equipments and even human donors.

Surveys suggest that 2/3rd of US manufacturers have already adopted 3D printing. This will eliminate the need for costly equipments, providing faster hold of products for end users. This type of treatment is highly cost effective and customizable. This will save time, eliminating the need for human donors. Just with the touch of a button prosthetic eyes and eyewear are produced.