Allis Tissue Forceps: Strong Grip on the Tendons and Fascia

Allis Tissue Forceps: Strong Grip on the Tendons and Fascia

Posted by Accuspire on Feb 28th 2023

The Allis tissue forceps are a kind of medical instrument that helps in holding or retracting the tissue to perfection, exactly as required during the surgery. These tissue forceps are generally designed with a lot of care to grasp fascia and tendons.

What are fascia and tendons?

Also known as the fibrous tissues, fascia is a stretch of connective tissues, usually found around the blood vessels, muscles, bones, and nerves. These are also said to act as a support and cover for the organs to prevent infection. When a wound in any organ needs a surgery, the surgeon uses the Allis tissue forceps to move around the fascia.

The tendons are also the fibrous tissues that are gripped by the Allis tissue forceps during the surgery. The bones are connected to the muscles with tendons. When these tendons work along with the muscles, it offers added support to the body and avoids extra force.

Features of the Allis Tissue Forceps

  • 4x5 teeth (mostly used one in gynaecological procedures)
  • 5inches to 10inches size
  • Serrated jaws
  • Blades are curved inside
  • Ratcheted handle
  • Made of high quality steel

The Allis tissue forceps come in a range of sizes and shapes. The suitable one is chosen according to the surgical procedure to be conducted by the surgeon. This Allis tissue forceps are usually termed as the gynaecological instruments as the 4X5 teeth forceps are most widely used forceps and it is used in gynaecology. These are re-usable forceps and made of high quality steel because of the sterilization process.

The jaws of the Allis tissue forceps are designed particularly and specifically to grab the body tissues firmly without causing any kind of injury. These tissue forceps allow the surgeon conducting the procedure to retract or move any part of the tissue. It often becomes necessary to retract the fascia when internal organs surgeries are performed to get a clear view of the surgical site.

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