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Apr 4th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Achieve Enhanced Results in Ocular Surgery by Hydrating the Eyes

There is a 100% chance of people suffering from dry eyes disease and the meibomian glands disease mostly affects people aged 70 or more. Nearly 2 lakh individuals get affected by cataract every year in US alone. Do not forget to discuss with your ophthalmologist if you feel any irritation in eyes. If ocular surface disease or dry eyes disease is not treated at the right time, it can affect the results of your laser eye surgery.

Cataract patients with dry eye symptoms

If you feel any burning, itching and dry sensation in eyes, consult your doctor and get treated at the right time to avoid extreme damage to the eyes. More than 80% of cataract people suffer from dry eyes. There are four phases in dry eyes and if you suffer from dry ocular health, the cataract surgery may not show effective results, adversely affecting ocular health.

Ocular surface before the surgery is the determining factor for the results

Your cataract surgery result relies mostly upon ocular surface health, especially preoperative stages as per the ophthalmic professionals. Prior to surgery, it is important to check the lens type as per requirement. If you get affected by ocular surface disease, the test may lead to poor selection of lens. The Bruder moist eye compress is one of the best ways to manage dry eye problem. Using it in daily life will enhance the ocular surface before cataract operation.

Improve ocular surface health by hydrating the eyes

The Bruders moist eye compress is a simple solution for your dry eyes. Microwave it for just 20 seconds and hydrate your eyes for 10 minutes. It is very helpful in increasing the ocular surface health. The patented Medibeads traps water molecules from air and is released as moist heat. The Bruders moist heat dry eye compress releases natural lipid oil, resulting in hydration of eyes, strengthening the tear film layer. Consult your doctor before using it.

Maintaining post operative eye health

It is essential to carry the eye hydration process after the cataract surgery in a routine manner. Using the moist eye compress according to the guidance from your ophthalmologist can improve your ocular health. This will quicken the recovery process, relieving the dry eye problem.

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