PST Sterilization Tray For Scopes 2.6'' x 16.0'' x 1.5'' (2 Slots) (6510A)

PST Sterilization Tray For Scopes 2.6'' x 16.0'' x 1.5'' (2 Slots)



Size: 2.6'' W x 16''L x 1.5''H 

PST Part Numbers: Complete Tray Includes base, lid and 2 silicone bars mentioned below

6510A: Tray with 2 silicone bars 

6501S: Silicone Bar 2 Open End Slots (9MM and 12MM)

6502S: Silicone Bar 2 Open End Slots (Round 9MM Silicone Bar)

PST Micro Surgical Sterilization Tray / Container includes base, lid and 2 silicone bars. Accommodates 2 scopes

Key features that make PST trays better option for sterilizing micro surgical instruments.

  • Flexibility of layout and options to fit your centers needs. Either finger-tip mats or special, "plug-in" inserts for individual instruments.
  • Unique, "grid" system in all bases, trays and lids, makes it easy to install the mat or insert required to protect your delicate instruments properly.
  • PST trays are Stackable. Integral feet in bases and corner ridges on lids allow for easy and organized handling in autoclaves and storage.
  • All bases have pebble-type surface to keep mats from sticking to the bases during sterilization process.
  • Dimensions of each tray are designed to accommodate a variety of instrument sizes and shapes.
  • Sterilizable by all standard methods of sterilization (autoclave, steam, dry heat, chemical).
  • PST trays are available in single and double level trays to handle different numbers of instruments. Double level trays come with removable upper-level insert and mat.
  • Durable advanced designed tray Molded from General Electric's ULTEM® resin, using mold flow analysis to guarantee product strength, structural integrity and extended life cycle.


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