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Things to know about floppy iris syndrome
Aug 23rd 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Things to know about floppy iris syndrome

Ophthalmologists are always on a look out for path breaking technologies to grow their business. University programs on the other hand are finding ways to train students effectively. Gathering tools and developing knowledge base is one of the best ways to get these goals accomplished.

Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS) occurs during a cataract extraction. Characterized by limp or loosely hanging iris, swollen up because of intraocular fluids as they move from posterior to the anterior chamber of eye. The floppy iris has the tendency to fall forward towards the eye part from the extracted cataract.

Floppy iris syndrome occurs mostly in combination with number of medications. Flomax is the primary one among them. It is used for treating prostatic hyperplasia. It relaxes the bladder muscles but also relaxes the iris-dilation muscle as a side effect. Even one dose can lead to floppy syndrome during cataract surgery. Finasteride is another set of medicine which contributes significantly to cataract development, diabetes and even glaucoma. Often it causes small pupil condition.

This condition is a rare complication during cataract surgery. It also lengthens the recovery time and stimulates post operative pain.


At present, because of its uniqueness and rarity, it is not known to many ophthalmologists. It causes confusion while performing surgeries. Those who have learnt the art of treating patients with this condition will be a step forward.

The following three clinical signs are symptoms of this condition:

  • Progressively constricted pupil during cataract surgery
  • Iris with limb appearance that looks swollen
  • Iris which tends to lapse towards incision made in eyes

Agents like atropine, phenylephrine and visco elastic agents are injected in the eyes below iris during surgery. In severe cases retractors, expanders and iris hooks are used. They are used to maintain pupil size and to restrain the iris.

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