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Summer Air Quality and Eye Infection
Nov 6th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Summer Air Quality and Eye Infection

In daily weather forecast air quality reports are shown, especially during summer when ozone levels increase. During this season the eye is vulnerable to air pollution and cause our eye to feel uncomfortable. It irritates the eyes when you are wearing contact lenses. There are some ways that can relax your eyes when the air quality is low.

Scientists are in fact referring to too much ozone when they talk about air pollution and smog. Ozone protects us from the harmful radiation of the sun. It is a colorless, odorless gas and is found in Earth’s upper atmosphere and at ground level. It is not formed naturally under the Earth’s atmosphere. It is formed when the atmosphere is polluted by automobile smoke, chemical plants, refineries, power plants and other chemical substances that react with sunlight. This bad ozone is the main component of urban smog and is a harmful air pollutant.

During summer, hot weather and strong sunlight pave way for harmful ozone concentrations. Lungs are not the only part which is able to feel the effects of air pollution while inhaling. It also affects our eyes and lead to eye discomfort and chronic irritation. Contact lens wearers must be very careful in this season and if situation demands it is good to wear spectacles as rubbing the eyes with contact lens on is not good.

Consult your doctor when you feel uncomfortable. Eye drops and in some cases different contact lenses can solve your problem. Single day disposable lenses are very good in this season. It can assure you that no deposits are left behind.

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