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​Remedies For Pink Eyes (Conjunctivitis)
Jun 26th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Remedies For Pink Eyes (Conjunctivitis)

Pink eyes usually go away in a week or two. It is also known as conjunctivitis. one must see his ophthalmologist if he has pain and trouble in seeing, sensitivity to light, symptoms getting worse day by day, eye producing mucus, fever etc. Pink eye is easily spread in schools among school children.

Measles and pink eye:

Sometimes pink eye is a symptom for measles. It can show up before a measles rash. If you think that a person is having pink eyes because of measles, consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

One should not wear contact lenses when he is having pink eyes. Purchase a new pair of contact lenses after the pink eye is gone. There may be a possibility that the old contact lenses might have infected. If so, you will get pink eyes again. One should also not wear eye makeup when he is suffering from pink eyes.

Home remedies for pink eye:

There is no treatment for pink eye caused by a virus. It goes away within a week and there is no need for treatment. Bacterial pink eye produces mucus on the eyes and usually antibiotics is prescribed by the ophthalmologist. To reduce the symptoms one can use Ibuprofen and other pain killers. Lubricating eye drops are also useful. Use a damp washcloth over the eyes. Wring it before compressing it over the eyes. Use a clean cloth every time.

If a person is suffering from allergic pink eye, he can use eye drops specifically made for allergic pink eyes. They are not contagious but it is necessary to find out the source and stop it.

Some say that breast milk is good for pink eyes and it can cure It. there's no truth in that as it can even blind the eyes. There is also a chance of introducing new bacteria into the eyes.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor if the pink eyes do not go away after one or two weeks.

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