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​Pros of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy
Nov 25th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Pros of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy

Ultrasound Biomicroscopy also known as UBM is an essential instrument in the ophthalmic imaging field. The UBM is useful in identifying the ocular structures in the frontal segments of the eye neatly. The high frequency ultrasound waves give high resolution pictures.

Liwan Eye Study reveals that the pigment in the iris, the epithelium reduces the infrared radiation transmission. It also helps in the reduction of the visualization of structures behind the iris. Nowadays, high resolution live and recordable scans and location tracking is also available through UBM.

UBM has the following advantages:

*Ultrasonic waves neither prevented by pigmentation nor by opaque structures in the eye.

* The UBM procedure can be carried out either by A-Scan measurements in which the test time is short and the patient feels comfortable or the Clear Scan method in which the immersion shell technique is avoided.

*A shallow learning curve helps the user to know about the scanning and protocol in an easy manner.

*It provides with the Essential Data. The data helps the ophthalmologists to detect the development of various defects and also to observe effectiveness of surgery and medications.

*It gives the critical data which requires little hardware and hence the patients feel comfortable.

*No other method is as best as this in detecting the various abnormalities at the early stage. OCT method combined with this provides effective results.

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