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​Eye Conditions – 7 Peculiarities
Feb 9th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Eye Conditions – 7 Peculiarities

Hairy eyes, red eyes, cat eyes, and eyes that cry blood are some of the peculiarities that is found while considering eye conditions. Though these appear to be a part of any sort of make-up, these conditions do exist.

Hairy eyes develop when the hair of the body grows in odd places. Sometimes this condition might develop even in the fetus that grows in a womb.

Usually rabbits are seen with red eyes. But sometimes red eyes are also found in human beings. This is caused by albinism which appears due to insufficient production of melanin. The coloring pigment that helps in the color of the hair, skin and eyes fail to function properly. In this condition, the blood vessels are directly exposed through the iris from behind which gives the red color. The eyes are seen in double colors in some people. It looks like the person has lost one of his colored contact lens. In reality, that person might be suffering from what is called as heterochromia which is an eye disorder. In some people, this condition may be benign where they have two different colors within the same eye or one circular ring of a different color only in the outside of the pupil.

Another peculiar condition seen in people is of having two working pupils in the same eye. They have their own sphincter muscles and they are also capable of independent operation. This is a rare condition. This condition is known as polycoria. It is at times accompanied with psudopolycoria which is a condition that occurs where there are two or more pupils in one eye whereas the additional pupils appear simply as holes in the iris.

Black Eyes disorder is the one which makes the eye to look as there is no iris at all. This condition is also called as aniridia. But the actual condition is that there occurs a small ring of the iris tissue which is too small to be visible. The pupil appears to be so large that it looks as if the eye is entirely black. This disorder is a condition of chromosome mutation.

An extreme rare condition is the cat eyes which is a chromosomal disease. The cat eye syndrome occurs when there is no tissue in the eye to make the pupil to narrow down and push itself into the iris which gives it a feline look. It affects the other parts of the body like the heart, kidney, and skull.

Crying blood is another disorder which has a scientific name - haemolacria. Crying blood is again a rare disorder that is evidenced since the 16th century. It is regarded as a religious sign similar to stigmata by people of some part of the world. The actual cause is due to a number of factors which include tumors, conjunctivitis, tears in the tear ducts, or hormonal changes. It is confirmed in 1991 that about 18 percent of women who are fertile have little amount of blood in their tear glands. It also states that about 7 to 8 percent of pregnant women, men, and post-menopausal women also have such conditions. 

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