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Jan 7th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Easy And Effective Dry Eyes Management At Home

Bruder healthcare has series of breath-taking technology which makes dry eyes home care treatment very convenient, simple and effective to the core. We may have a thought that it would be difficult to ease dry eyes problem, but Bruder has solution for it all. We might have treated chronic pain with all available home remedies. Bruder makes it simple for you. Dry eyes problem must not be ignored and must be treated soon.

The Heat Therapy Products from Bruder

Bruders moist heat therapy products mystically eases the pain caused by chronic dry eyes symptoms like itching, irritation etc. Designed with MediBeads technology, Bruders moist heat therapy products are microwaved for 20 seconds and applied on the affected eyes. The air molecules captured by the MediBeads are released instantly into the eye tissues and gives soothing effect.

The Cold Therapy Eye Compress From Bruder

Providing cold therapy at comfortable temperatures, offering gel- free pad technology and at the same time keeping all the medical protocols in mind, The Bruders cold eye therapy delivers uncompromised results to your dry eyes problem. It is widely prescribed by doctors to try at home.

Designed in a perfect way, we can apply it directly on the skin. It gives a dry fresh feeling without any spillage. The design of the cold therapy eye compress precisely fits in your facial outlines, it is efficient in reducing inflammation, swelling and irritation.

The meibomian glands, which lies at the base of our eyelids, makes a part of the layer of eye’s tear film an when it remains clean, it leads to healthy oil secretion, affecting the eyes tear film layer. Nowadays people are glued to their mobile phones and laptops. Taking a little break and blinking the eyes at regular intervals, will give good results. Doing some other eye exercise may also minimize the chronic dry eyes disease.

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