Algerbrush II With Round Fine Grit Diamond

Algerbrush II With Round Fine Grit Diamond



The ALGERBRUSH II is used by ophthalmologists for assistance in pterygium removal procedures. The ALGERBRUSH II has a very low torque motor powered by a single AA battery. The diamond burr in this rotary instrument is used as a “brush” rather than a drill to smooth the cornea or sclera following removal of the pterygium (using a scalpel type instrument or surgical scissors. “Polishing” the surgical area leaves a smooth surface which in turn heals much faster than with other instruments which may be used for this purpose.   

Patients with pterygium conditions are fairly commonplace in comprehensive ophthalmology practices especially those practices located in areas of plentiful agri-business type occupations.

The ALGERBRUSH II Corneal Rust Ring Remover has been on the market since 1970. The diamond instrument uses the same handpiece but with different burr configurations. The diamond burrs have been used since 2002. 


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