Lacrimal Plug Vera 180 box

180 Day Absorbable Lacrimal Plug Vera 180 For Dry Eye Treatment



Vera180TM synthetic absorbable lacrimal plugs provide approximately
6 months of treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Synthetic absorbable lacrimal plugs made of poly-p- dioxanone (PDO). Absorbs in approximately 180 days. Available in Box of 2 plugs or 20 plugs per box (10 packs of 2 plugs each). Select yours from dropdown men


  • Provides extended temporary occlusion lasting approximately 180 days

  • Ideal for treatment of post-surgical dry
    eye, and to determine potential effectiveness of a non-absorbable punctal plug

  • Also indicated for use in treating the dry eye components of various ocular surface diseases, including contact lens intolerance

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