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Blog - Sterilization Trays

​What’s the real cost of using cheaper sterilization tray or container?


The success of your business comes down to the quality and reliability of your equipment.

Ophthalmic instruments are small and delicate and improper handling or care can easily cause damage. It may not be visible to the naked eye but most ophthalmic surgeries are done under microscope or surgical loupes.

Magnification reveals even minor damages, and an experienced surgeon will easily see if the sterilization procedure was properly followed.

Caring for these instruments starts from proper handling, cleaning, sterilization, and storage. A defect in one is a defect in the whole.

Properly understanding your instruments and the sterilization methods will maximize your instruments integrity and lifespan. Doing so is not only cost effective, but also ensures safe and effective use.

Surgeons have the right to refuse to use damaged or improperly sterilized instruments for the safety of their patients. If this is the case then additional instruments will need to be unpacked, causing a delay in patient flow, and eventually loss of income.

Purchasing based on the lowest price is not always best. Cost-cutting can be detrimental if not paired with the right knowledge.

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What you need to know before you buy a new sterilization tray?

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​How Plastic Sterilization Has Changed the Medical Industry and Sterilization Trays

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​How to successfully buy a sterilization tray online?

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