RELI REDIGUT Absorbable Plain Gut Suture

RELI REDIGUT Absorbable Plain Gut Suture

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Complete range of sterile absorbable and non-absorbable suture products
Available in a variety of suture sizes and lengths, and needle types and sizes
Sutures packaged in an easy- retrieval pack that enables convenience and speed upon opening
Every suture strand and needle attachment is tested to ensure a secure bond
Knowledgeable team providing assistance for all your suturing needs
REDIPASS needle coating technology enables smoother needle penetration


RELI REDIGUT Absorbable Plain Gut Suture




GP324-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   3-0 MFS-1  18" 12/BOX
GP3247-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   3-0 MFS-1  27" 12/BOX
GP8881-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   3-0 MFS-2  18" 12/BOX
GP822-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   3-0 MFS-2  27" 12/BOX
GP612-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   3-0 MX-1  18" 12/BOX
GP531-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   4-0 MC-2  10" 12/BOX
GP7771-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   4-0 MFS-2  18" 12/BOX
GP821-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   4-0 MFS-2  27" 12/BOX
GP1644-P RELI® REDIGUT PLN   4-0 YP-3  18" 12/BOX
GP820-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   5-0 MFS-2  27" 12/BOX
GP686-BRC RELI® REDIGUT PLN   5-0 MP-3  18" 12/BOX
GP686-P RELI® REDIGUT PLN   5-0 YP-3  18" 12/BOX
GP774-P RELI® REDIGUT PLN   6-0 YG-1  18" 12/BOX



Plain Gut (GP) & Chromic Gut (GC)
  • What is Plain Gut?

    Plain Gut is an absorbable suture made with natural materials.

  • What is the difference between Plain Gut and Chromic Gut?

    Chromic Gut is treated with a chromium salt solution to prolong its resistance to absorption in comparison to plain gut which is not treated with the solution.

General Suture Questions
  • What is different about the RELI® Premium Suture?

    The RELI® Premium Suture is manufactured for specialty surgeries that requirehigh quality needles. The premium 300 Series Stainless steel Precision Point needle with Redipass® coating make these the ideal suture for the physician performing those specialty surgeries such as Dermatologic, Ophthalmic, Oral and Maxillofacial, Periodontal, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

  • Who can purchase the RELI® Rescue line?

    Our RELI® Rescue line suture is available to the Veterinary industry looking for high quality at an affordable price. Please contact the suture product manager for more information. 800-454-6926 ext. 109

  • What RELI® Suture materials are available? Are they absorbable or non-absorbable?

    MYCO offers the below suture materials:

    Absorbable Non-absorbable
    Coated PGA Braided (Dyed and un-dyed) Silk Black Braided
    Plain Gut Polypropylene
    Chromic Gut Black Nylon
    Monofilament Green Polyester
  • What is the difference between absorbable and non-absorbable sutures?

    Absorbable sutures are naturally dissolved and digested by the body’s cells and fluids in the area where the sutures are embedded during the healing process. These types of sutures are typically used internally.
    Non-absorbable sutures cannot be digested by the body and must be removed. These types of sutures are typically used for closing external cuts and incisions.

  • What RELI® suture needle tip profile/points does MYCO Medical offer?

    MYCO offers the RELI® needle tip profile/point:

    • Reverse Cutting (REV)
    • Taper Cut (TAP CUT)
    • Taper Point (TAP PT)
    • Spatula
  • What RELI® suture needle sizes does MYCO Medical offer?

    The RELI® needle sizes include 3/8 and 1/2 circles in multiple tip and length configurations.

  • What range of suture sizes (diameters) and lengths are offered in RELI® Sutures?

    RELI® Suture sizes range from 1-0 to 6-0 with suture lengths including 10”, 18” and 27”.

  • When or where are different kinds of sutures used?

    RELI® sutures are generally used according to the below chart:

    Suture Uses
    RELI® REDISILK® Silk Black Braided Oral Surgery
    RELI® REDIGUT®Chromic Gut Oral Surgery
    RELI® REDILENE® Polypropylene Used by Hospitals
    RELI® REDIBOND® Polyester Green Braided Used by Hospitals
    RELI® Monofilament REDICAPRONE® and REDIDIOX® Surgery Centers
    RELI® REDILON® Black Nylon Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists
    RELI® REDISORB® Coated PGA Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists


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