Reli Filtered Blunt Fill Needle

Reli Filtered Blunt Fill Needle

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Angled bevel reduces coring of vial stopper
18G ensures rapid filling and smooth flow rate suitable for viscous medications
1.5” Needle aids penetration of different septum barriers
Eliminates the use of a sharp, reducing the risk of a needle-stick injury
Compatible with most syringes available in the market
Sterile, Single use, PVC free, Not made with natural rubber latex
RELI® Blunt Fill Needles are not intended for skin injection





  • What gauge sizes of RELI® Blunt Fill Needle does MYCO offer?

    MYCO offers RELI® Blunt Fill Needle in both the 18 gauge.

  • What lengths of RELI® Blunt Fill Needles does MYCO offer?

    MYCO Medical offers the RELI® Blunt Fill needle 18 gauge in 1.5”.

  • Do you have a filtered option?

    Yes, MYCO Medical offers RELI®FilteredBlunt Fill Needle in 18 gauge by 1.5”.

  • How many microns is the filter on the RELI®Filtered Blunt Fill Needle?

    The filter on RELI®Filtered Blunt Fill Needle is 5 microns.

  • Why would I need a filtered needle?

    Filtered needles are used when drawing medication from glass ampoules to remove particulate.

  • How is the RELI® Blunt Fill Needle packaged?

    • All RELI® Filtered Blunt Fill Needles are sterile and packed 100 per box 50 boxes per case for the filtered option.


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