Ophthalmic Sutures

Ophthalmic Sutures



Shop High Quality Ophthalmic Sutures used by Leading Surgeons in Eye Surgeries. 

Key Features

  1. Burr-free needles manufactured from high strength stainless steel
  2. Maximum bending and form stability allows for excellent penetration
  3. Optimal channel geometry enables strong suture attachment 
Specification Table 
Model (SKU #) Needle Type Diameter Length Circle Suture Size Type Length
US-1002LZN Micro Spatula 0.2mm 6.0mm

3/8 (140°)

10/0 Nylon 40 cm
US-6002LZV Side Cutting Spatula 0.33mm 8.0mm

1/4 (90°)

6/0 PGA 45 cm
US-7002LZV Micro Spatula 0.23mm 6.5mm

3/8 (140°)

7/0 PGA 30 cm
US-8002LZV Micro Spatula 0.20mm 6.0mm

3/8 (140°)

8/0 PGA 30 cm








All Sutures are double armed

Note: All products sold on should be used by qualified clinician and and should be purchased by or on order of a qualified clinician.

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