Lasik Irrigator Cannulas (Disposable)

  • 7317  LASIK Drain- Gimbel Chayet

    LASIK Drain - Gimbel/Chayet

    LASIK Drain - Gimbel/Chayet 8.5mm opening. Unique design to secure flap. Drains fluid from the orbit and minimizes fluid buildup in corneal bed. Lint-free PVA, soft when moistened. Box of 20 Cannulas  Unique products designed for...

  • 7318 LASIK Incise Tape

    LASIK Incise Tape

    LASIK Incise Tape Overall: 1 x 9 in (2.5 x 22.8cm) Adhesive: 1 x 7.25 in (2.5 x 18.4cm). Mini size perfect for LASIK and other refractive or minor office procedures. Covers lashes, lids, and brow. Box of 20 Cannulas  Unique...

  • 7427  LASIK Irrigator - Formed

    LASIK Irrigator - Formed

    LASIK Irrigator -27G  Formed 11mm from end. Designed to irrigate the corneal interface and/or stromal bed. Flattened tip provides easy insertion under the flap and helps elevate the flap edge. Multiple ports provide...

  • 7306  LASIK Spear

    LASIK Spear

    LASIK Spear Lint free PVA. Useful for tissue manipulation and fluid absorption to facilitate flap alignment and adhesion. Box of 15 X 5 Cannulas  Unique products designed for LASIK surgery and other types of refractive...

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